Studio Thomas Cassander VWA
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Studio Thomas Cassander VWA (DK) is a specialized strategic design studio and editorial consultancy.

With a tight–knit weave of new technology, design and communication strategy, the studio seeks to create bright communication that is progressive, attractive and clear as a whistle, in today's increasingly digitally mediated reality.  

The studio helps, guides and collaborates with its clients to craft and tell their story and messages clearly across all platforms —  digital, analogue and spacial. Globally and locally.

From concept and design to realisation, the studio provides multi-disciplinary creative services within branding, digital, spatial and printed matters.


Studio Thomas Cassander VWA
— Hus for Kunst & Design
Vestergade 26
DK—5700 Svendborg
T +45 — 2926 — 8098


Studio Thomas Cassander is an independent strategic brand & communication design studio and editorial design consultancy.

The studio works closely with its clients to create and manage brand strategy, communication and design across all platforms, — from identity, branded space and packaging to publications and creative digital solutions.

All design, brand and communication concepts are created, maintained and utilized to promote, communicate and facilitate brand value, story and messages with vibrant clarity and distinct significance.


Studio Thomas Cassander VWA works with brand & cultural communication and graphic design across all platforms, — from identity and packaging to magazines and creative digital solutions


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