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Studio Thomas Cassander VWA
Multidiciplinary Brand & Design Studio (DK)
Studio Thomas Cassander is a Danish multidisciplinary brand & cultural communication design studio, which primarily works within the spheres of graphic, digital & spacial design. The studio works closely with its clients to hatch, manifest and refine brand and cultural communication, identity and graphic design across all touchpoints, — from visual expression/identity, brand space and packaging to publications, books and creative digital solutions. All in the effort to stage and formulate a strong and honest connection to the target audience, users or stakeholders. 

Key design services range from full design concept development, e.i. planning, research, design and execution, to working closely with suppliers to oversee realization/build, and everything in-between initial brief interpretation and design rollout. 

Office/studio is situated in Svendborg (DK) @ Kunstvaerket Atelierer.

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A-ARK/Archifield Arkitekter is an architectural firm and studio, focused on architectural design concepts, project management and architonic advicery, with more than 30 years of experience of doing so.

The concepts of architecture is always based on making optimal and functional use of space in high regard of form and function that provide the optimal stage for people's everyday life, needs and well being.

They focus on creating the best spacial conditions for the future users of the building, space or enviroment; implanting value and quality through well considered concepts and materials, user-centered development and a vigilant resonance with the surrounding built and natural enviromment.


Design included:
Brand & Design Concept: Brand Strategy/Identity, Site & SoMe, Presentation/Project Visualisation Concept & System. Printed matter. Signage.

A-ARK/Archifield Arkitekter

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Infographics and B.I.M. presentation play a great part in A-Ark's work and concept visualization and provides a coherent and convincing proof of concept, that makes it easy to argue and validate the quality of concept, design and and constructional features. 

An informative simpel yet adaptable visual language was developed to create a coherent presentation of concept yet to be built. Both on print and via practically accessible online project presentation decks.




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