Studio Thomas Cassander VWA
Multidiciplinary Brand & Design Studio (DK)
Studio Thomas Cassander is a Danish multidisciplinary brand & cultural communication design studio, which primarily works within the spheres of graphic, digital & spacial design. The studio works closely with its clients to hatch, manifest and refine brand and cultural communication, identity and graphic design across all touchpoints, — from visual expression/identity, brand space and packaging to publications, books and creative digital solutions. All in the effort to stage and formulate a strong and honest connection to the target audience, users or stakeholders. 

Key design services range from full design concept development, e.i. planning, research, design and execution, to working closely with suppliers to oversee realization/build, and everything in-between initial brief interpretation and design rollout. 

Office/studio is situated in Svendborg (DK) @ Kunstvaerket Atelierer.

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Studio Thomas Cassander VWA is a small but agile strategic communication design studio and editorial consultancy, which weaves creative-led strategy and conceptual development for creative, strong and unconventional communication design and identity solutions.

The studio works with conceptual branding / cultural communication and graphic design across all platforms / touchpoints, from visual identity and packaging to publications, branded/spacial environment and creative digital solutions.

With a tight–knit weave of digital, print and environmental / spacial design, the studio seeks to create bright and straight-forward communication design that is progressive, attractive and clear as a whistle, in today's increasingly hyper-mediated marketplace. 

The studio helps, guides and collaborates, primarily in on-going close-nit collaborative partnerships, with its clients to craft and tell their story and messages clearly and honestly in the effort to connect and amplify bonding, loyalty and trust to key audiences, users or stakeholders.


Design Conception
& Production Services

Studio Thomas Cassander works closely with its clients at every stage of the process, from agreeing and exploring the brief, through the conceptual design process – always sharing and discussing multiple creative directions, to the careful crafting and fine tuning involved in implementation/build.

Key services range from full-scale identity and design concept development to working closely with suppliers to oversee execution, and everything in-between initial brief interpretation and design rollout.



Design Services
The Studio's Key Capabilities & Specialism

Brand & identity Design Concepts
The basis of brand or organisation identity and culture across all platforms (brandmark/logo, imagery. print, digital, signage, SoMe etc.) from visual expression, design & tone of voice guidelines and tactile principles, to brand recognition artwork and layout infrastructure.

Editorial/Printed Matter
From books, leaflets and brochures to catalogues, books and posters. Nothing beats paper, clue and ink when it comes to in-depth information, tactile experience, and beautiful typography. 

Digital Presence/Platforms
Graphics and architecture for responsive/adaptive websites, onlineshop, responsive websites and social media content.

Brand Space/Environments
Signage and branded interiors/exteriors from neon pipes to wayfinding and in-shop infographics.

Packaging design add to the desirability and understanding of products, use or services.

Signage & Infographics
Original, distinct and eye-catching wayfinding and infographics creates ease-of-orientation and shows where to go when, where, how and why, or just states the not-obvious. 

Exhibition PR & Space
Exhibition graphics, posters and promotional materials for exhibitions

Information Visuals
Graphics and illustrative visuals which makes sense, ease-of-use, and clarity of the complex.




The approach to projects is always based in a strong foundation in conceptual integrity, idea and principle-led design, intuitive insight and vibrant visual simplicity.

The studio values “Better” over “New”, “Modernity” over “Trend” and “Initiative” over “Business as Usual. With progression and true value creation at heart.

The studio focuses on creating genuine attraction and value by fusing storytelling, craft, strategic opportunity and unconventional visual design to create and grow strong communication design solutions, regardless of budget or project scale.

The studio only implements and applicates selective modern, versatile & adaptive digital platforms and information architecture that suits and empowers the short and long-term goals of the individual client/project.

Most of the studio’s tools, apps and files is based in “The Cloud” and shared with clients and surpliers via digital “Cloud Services” or “SaSS solutions”, so remote development and collaboration with both clients and surpliers is possible without difficulty.

The studio shares and cultivates a dependable professional network of craft and quality-focused crafters and producers, and values long-term collaborations with integrity, quality of craft, and reliability at heart. 


& Experience

The design studio, est. 2014, is owned and led by designer, MfA. Thomas Cassander. He holds a MfA in Design from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design (Copenhagen, DK); with additional studies at University of the Arts London, LCC (London, UK). Amongst other places, he has previously worked/interned at Rasmus Koch Studio, E-types, A-Ark Architects, The Danish Library of Architecture, Design, Conservation & Stagecraft and has been working as a nomad/freelance and independent design developer and creative strategist for more than 10 years in various constellations and contexts; primarily within the spheres and intersections of art, food, culture, institutional and commercial design and communication.


On Brand recognition and value

Design-led branding and identity is not only attractive visuals and graphics. It drives and builds recognition, reputation, unity, identity, vision, workflow and initiative and long-term customer relationships. — It builds into the heart and soul of the organisation, service or business; creating the fundament for pace-setting values, product quality, brand integrity and an agile and transparent flow of information. This in return channels true, engaging and valuable connection to the audience, customers, users or clients. Crisp, coherent and clear communication, across all chosen platforms, is the primary concern regarding all communication design solutions. 

Collaborated With/Client list

The studio has collaborated and done projects with a diverse array of individuals, firms, studios, cultural and public institutions. — Independently or team based at design studio/agency in both development and execution contexts; primarily within the spheres and intersections of art, food, culture, institutional and commercial design and communication.

A  G

A—ARK Arkitekter MAA/Danske Ark
Absalon Kirkeby — Visual Artist
Arkitektur Politik Danmark
A.P. Moller Fonden
Brygkompagniet Tro · Håb & Sodavand
Brahesminde Skolene
Cultures Magazine
CPH:LITT Litteratur festival
Christian d.4 Bryghus — Kongernes Lapidarium
Christiania Bikes
Carnow Arkitekter
Carl Hansen & Søn Furniture
COOLSEA Innovation Lab
Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademis Skoler for Arkitektur, Design og Konservering
Dia Arkitekter MAA/Danske Ark
Det Strategiske Forskningsråd
Edition Dansk
Ekspeditionsselskabet De Brede Planker
Visual Artist Elle Mie Ejdrup
Forsknings & Uddannelsesministeriet
Forlaget Emancipa(t/ss)ionsfrugten
Forfatterlavet Kjöbenhavn
FIND/ADK Architecture/Design & Conservation Researchbase
Forlaget Zephyr
Kunstbryggeriet Far & Søn
Fyns Rosportsforening
RADIK — Kunstakademiets Research for Arkitektur, Design & Konservering
Filmmagasinet Ekko
Jagger Fastfood
Jomfruens Egede Gods
Goldschmidt Studio
Hidden Galleries Denmark

H — N

Kunstakademiets Bibliotek for Arkitektur, Design, Konservation & Scenekunst
Kunstværket Atelierer
Konservatorskolens Bibliotek
Konsortiet for Grafisk Kunstnerisk Virke
Københavns Metro
Københavns Litteratur Festival
Nordisk Bad Fyn
Fyns Center for Forebyggende Familierådgivning

O  U

Odense Katedralskole
Peter Amby Gallery
Rudbjerggaard & Fredsholm Godser
Thudes · Restaurant & Vinbar
ROD&CO Publishing
Rosforth Film
Tranekær Furniture
SAK Kunstbygning
Styrelsen for Slotte & Kulturejendomme
Smackbang Helsingborg Kulturfestival

V   Z
WIOWAO Atelier


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